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 +====== HOW TO ======
 +We are broadcasting signals on the Frequency of 7067 khz. Like The signal
 +of Sputnik – it is not important want you are broadcasting its important
 +that you are broadcasting. ​ Like the Signal of Sputnik 1957 the broadcast
 +itself is the politcal message.
 +Each Participant is sending who am i, where am i and i im attendance. 7067
 +khz is a HAM-Radio Frequencies so if you want to be in the Network you
 +have to make the HAM Licence or find a Ham-operator who is working with
 +** How can i be participate**:​
 +   - Find an Ham-operator who has the knowledge and the devices to do this.
 +   - Make a Ham Licence and buy the devices
 +   - We are temporarly operating your node.
 +**Normal work during the year**:\\
 +All nodes of the network are sending at diffrent time there callsign. The
 +shedule is coordinated at the Website 7067.stwst.at. Each station should
 +send not more then three times per day.
 +**Working during Events, Festivals and Exhibitions**:​\\
 +The radio jam session : The nodes of the Network are trying to reach an
 +designated destination (for Example an Exhibition)
 +**What kind of signal we do prefer**:\\
 +We prefer signals with small bandwith like cw or sstv. With sstv you are
 +converting a picture into a audiofile and broadcast this audiofile with
 +SSB technologie. We also supporting and featuring WSPRnet.org. ​ Wspr means
 +Weak Signal Propagation Reporte – In this technology you have very small
 +power consumation. With 2 Watt you can boadcast 2 times around the world.
 +The bandwith of information is also very low – about 32 bit in 5 minutes
 +But the common is SlowScanTV. SSTV working with Pictures and Pitcures are
 +very compatible to exhibitions with audience who has no  knowledge about
 +informationtheorie. Once more: it is not important what you are
 +broadcasting its importand that you are broadcasting.
 +**Which devices can i use**:\\
 +You can buy and build your own devices. But you also can buy a device
 +from us. We are offering a raspberry pi with a camera, touchscreen and
 +sdr (software defined radio). SDR is making a softwareradio for 7067 khz.
 +The cam on the system is automatically making the picture an broadcast
 +it. You only need a RF amplifier to broadcast the signal.