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 +====== 7067 KHZ – it’s not a test ======
 +"7067 khz - it`s not a test" calls for daily transmission of automatically/​manually ​ generated radio signals from different stations around the world at scheduled time slots. Recalling the sputnik satellite’s outer space broadcast of radio pulses in the fifties, ​ Eleonore'​s 7067khz inverts the space signals to earth signals, calling for like-minded media/​cultural spaces to sign on for signal sending. In honor of the first radio artists who were using the signals as a material for art,  the 7067khz stands for independent information and communication bypassing the use of internet. We do not want to specify the content of the transmission,​ rather we consider the act of sending the signals an act of solidarity in this post-internet future present. ​