====== HOW TO ====== We are broadcasting signals on the Frequency of 7067 khz. Like The signal of Sputnik – it is not important want you are broadcasting its important that you are broadcasting. Like the Signal of Sputnik 1957 the broadcast itself is the politcal message. Each Participant is sending who am i, where am i and i im attendance. 7067 khz is a HAM-Radio Frequencies so if you want to be in the Network you have to make the HAM Licence or find a Ham-operator who is working with you. ** How can i be participate**: - Find an Ham-operator who has the knowledge and the devices to do this. - Make a Ham Licence and buy the devices - We are temporarly operating your node. **Normal work during the year**:\\ All nodes of the network are sending at diffrent time there callsign. The shedule is coordinated at the Website 7067.stwst.at. Each station should send not more then three times per day. **Working during Events, Festivals and Exhibitions**:\\ The radio jam session : The nodes of the Network are trying to reach an designated destination (for Example an Exhibition) **What kind of signal we do prefer**:\\ We prefer signals with small bandwith like cw or sstv. With sstv you are converting a picture into a audiofile and broadcast this audiofile with SSB technologie. We also supporting and featuring WSPRnet.org. Wspr means Weak Signal Propagation Reporte – In this technology you have very small power consumation. With 2 Watt you can boadcast 2 times around the world. The bandwith of information is also very low – about 32 bit in 5 minutes But the common is SlowScanTV. SSTV working with Pictures and Pitcures are very compatible to exhibitions with audience who has no knowledge about informationtheorie. Once more: it is not important what you are broadcasting its importand that you are broadcasting. **Which devices can i use**:\\ You can buy and build your own devices. But you also can buy a device from us. We are offering a raspberry pi with a camera, touchscreen and sdr (software defined radio). SDR is making a softwareradio for 7067 khz. The cam on the system is automatically making the picture an broadcast it. You only need a RF amplifier to broadcast the signal.